How to Make Money Typing

Make Money Typing

Can you type fairly well? Would you like to make some stready cash form this skill? Is there an old typewriter sitting around your house somewhere that you could use to make some money? Whether you have an old but functional typewriter, or use the latest in word-processing software, you can easily convert typing into a great source of steady income. Here’s how to make money typing.

Typewriting or Word Processing for Dollars

Dust off that old Remington or Olivetti typewriter or boot your personal computer. If you have a more recent vintage electronic typewriter, that should also come out of mothballs to help you. Why? It is because we are going to learn how to make money typing. What you type, for whom and in what quantity, among other factors, will ultimately determine how much money you can make. Income from typing can actually become quite lucrative. In a number of markets there are people who quite literally make a living from typing words on paper for time-strapped university students, out-of town businessmen and over-loaded with work secretaries of law firms and other businesses. Many authors, used to hand-writing their book manuscripts, also “outsource” the typing of their book and articles from hand-written pages.

What You Will Need to Get Started

In order for you to get started and make money typing you will need some form of typewriter or a personal computer with word processing software such as Microsoft Word for Widows installed. Such programs are usually part of the original operating system software of new computers, so you should be all set there. Also you could use freeware or shareware such as Open Office or a free Rich Text Editing program. A search on Google for free word processing software or word processing freeware should net you an ample selection of programs. From a vintage manual typewriter and some sheets of white bond paper to the latest in digital computer technology, all will help serve your ultimate goal – to make money typing. When you are using a personal computer for your typing work you should be sure to have direct access to a good quality printer, preferably one that prints in color if possible. The printer will be a necessary output device in order to print out the completed document for the client.

What Kinds of Documents to Type

Documents of any and every type are wide open to you for generating a steady income stream and make money typing. The Document types most frequently encountered might include the following:

• Business and personal letters
• Resumes and curriculum vitaes
• Application forms
• Wedding, party and event invitations
• Personal and academic essays
• Reports and term papers
• Signs and other types of notices
• Personal ads and classifieds
• Notary documents
• Translations
• Manuscripts
• Special request documents

Where the Work Is

Getting work in order to make money typing is as easy as looking all around you. Try posting a small typewritten notice on bulletin boards in supermarkets, community centers, as well as local schools, colleges or university campuses. Only a brief description or list of services, a contact name and telephone number are needed. Don’t forget to politely canvass law offices, photocopy centers and computer stores to leave a notice of your offered typing services. Start making the rounds posting your little notice and your phone will likely be ringing by the time you get back home.