Promote Your Website These Top Three Ways

Promoting a Website

So you have a website up. Now what can you do to get it promoted without having to win the lottery or hit up your rich Uncle Buzzy? While there are numerous ways to promote new or existing websites, many are either time-consuming, tedious or down right expensive. So just what can a prospective internet marketers do to drive needed, qualified traffic to their websites without breaking the bank at Monte Carlo? Here are the current top three ways to promote your website in an affordable manner. They don’t require large outlays of any substantial cash, but they can require lots of your time in some cases.

1. Article Marketing

Article marketing to promote your website is an excellent way to drive tons of targeted traffic to your postings and offerings. It requires that you write, then post a continuing series of niche keyword marketing articles to any number of article directories, newsletters and blogs. The articles are anywhere from 350 words or so in length as a minimum, up to 600 or 800 words in length, sometimes even a bit more. Articles of more than 800 words or so are now becoming more the norm, but this length is not always necessary. What is definitely necessary though, is having a good article writer. One who both writes marketing articles quickly, in sufficient volume and in depth while writing articles in a suitable style for engaging the interest of online readers. Unfortunately, there are far too many “article writers” online who produce poorly-written dreck, dribble or dross and “pass it off” as “articles”. The grammar of these articles may be poor, reflecting foreign or non-native speakers of English. There may also be a plethora of spelling, usage, vocabulary and writing style errors which actually detract from the message of authority that you are trying to convey to prospective clients and customers. Writers of this undesirable type must be avoided at virtually all costs.

2. Guest Posting

Whatever your niche market might be, it’s almost certain that there are a number of blogs, newsletters and forums online that cater to the needs, questions, commentary and information resources of people interested in that particular topic. First though, these need to be located online and validated for both authenticity and value. What good is it to post to a blog with less than 100 or so readers on a niche topic where you are trying to reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of readers? Posting relevant. Informational comments on well-read blogs as a guest post is an important strategy for building both pages views to your website as well as building a visitor’s list of people interested in your products or services. What is most valuable to you is either to seek out and regularly post guest comments to blogs related to your marketing niche or get a competent blogger to do so for you, if you are not a writer or cannot spare the time to write the comments and do the posts yourself. This can be an affordable, efficient option if you wish to build traffic and a list in a relatively short time.

3. Blogging / Commenting

Yet a third viable, affordable method of website promotion “on a budget” is creating and maintaining niche topic related blogs yourself. The process is a fairly straight-forward one. First, you get a domain name related to your niche market topic. Then, you set up a blog which can either be free or paid hosting online. Next you select a relevant theme for your blog and upload it to your site host. After that, you start posting content – in the form of niche marketing articles – to your blog site. The next step in the process is generally to ping or notify online search engines of your site and its regularly-updated content – new niche marketing articles – typically, three or more times per week. The trick here is to keep adding fresh, new, original article and post content regularly without fail. Again, if or when this poses a problem for you, there is always the affordable option of contracting a good niche marketing article writer or web content provider to keep up this process for you. Providing regular, quality content uploads to your business niche marketing blog is an effective, affordable option for promoting your web site.

Three Top Ways to Promote Your Website

So there briefly, you have it. The top three ways to promote your web site effectively and affordably, article marketing, blogging and guest posting to relevant web sites, forums, newsletters and other blogs. As was mentioned before, you can always hire a seasoned article writer to continually provide you with a series high-quality articles, web content and blog posts to keep your name and expertise in your niche marketing area constantly out in front of potential clients and customers. These methods also can drive mountains of server-crashing traffic to your website which, of course, provides your readers with key information on your topic. You can show potential clients how your products and services can help to solve their problems growing your business through a continuing stream of new customer contacts.

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