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E-Book Research and Ghost Writing

Need an E-book Fast?

In as little as 48 hours have your e-book written by an experienced, professional e-book author to build your list, re-label, re-sell, re-package, give away or distribute as you wish.
Motivate your website visitors.
Stimulate your readers.
Boost your traffic.
Improve your site rankings with a niche-targeted e-book written for you.

E-mail your niche topic or requirements for immediate, confidential quote to:

No. of Pages One-Time Research and Ghost Writing Fee Finished Delivery

30 pages $450 USD 48 hours to 6 days

50 pages $750 USD 48 hours to 6 days

100 pages $1500 USD 12 to 14 days

Two (2) E-books per month on themes / topics you specify up to 35 pages each
$900.00 USD per month with a minimum of 4 months subscription
Delivery on the First (1st) and fifteenth (15th) of the month or fifteenth (15th) and thirtieth (30th) of the month

Article / Text Copy Writing Services

Flat hourly rate for text copy = $47.00 USD per hour

Text copy package rates: articles, web content, sales letters, flyers, brochures, etc.

Creative Copy Writer Available Full Time by the Week for $875.00 USD*

During one calendar week, 7 consecutive days, you will get up to 30 original, custom-written, well-researched articles delivered directly to your inbox with exclusive “copy writer-on-call” availability for e-books, sales letters and web content.
E-mail for information, available week dates and quotes.

*Retainer of $425.00 required on deposit before start of services
*Materials copyright reverts to client upon final payment of fees

Web Content / Blogging Rates

Need Dynamic Web Content for Your Sites?

Update your web content with well-researched, 500 – 600 word Private Label Rights articles and 25 article niche topic content packages from extensively published, professional author at package rates. 100 article per month PLR membership feeds also still available. Get better website rankings, higher traffic flow, more readers and visitors to your site.

Custom Blog Posting Services

I can provide your site with original, interesting, engaging content of SEO optimized blog posts directly to your blog or sent to your inbox. (comments on recent developments, how-to-tips, humor, related events, product reviews / application, personal stories, etc.)

15 to 20 medium blog posts per month (300 – 400 words at $15 per post)

4 to 6 longer blog posts per month (600800 words at $30 per post)

6 to 8 smaller posts (150 - 200 words) per month and 1 to 2 longer posts (300-500 words) per month will be $10 per smaller post and $15 medium post

Niche-Marketing Packages Creation Services

PLR Niche-Marketing Packages Available

PLR niche-marketing packages available on: Article Writing, Salt Water Fishing, Foreign Travel & Living, Ethnic Cooking, Foreign Language Learning, Public Speaking, Diabetes, and more.

Package consists of 25 original PLR articles of 500 to 600 words each plus an original 30 to 35 page niche-related e-book.

Each niche-marketing package is $97.

If you are a webmaster, site owner or internet information niche marketer, these are definitely worthwhile bargains for you. Send an e-mail for ordering options, a list of package contents or to request a custom package. You can also request a niche-targeted 100-article lot on a specific theme or a mixed PLR 100-article lot with multiple themes (4 or more themes with a minimum of five PLR articles per niche topic).

PLR Audio Packages Now Available

Audio PLR materials are now available in multiple sound formats (aud, mp3, wav, and others).
Articles or passages are read in Mid-Atlantic regional American English. For samples, please contact me by e-mail at:

Act now.

Distribution strictly limited.

For special projects custom quotes available on request.

Writing Samples for Client View:
To view writing samples, please click on the live link

Fishing Articles
Piranha - Deadly and Delicious
How to Hand Craft Your First Salt Water Fishing Lure

Travel articles
Salsa Music, Lifeblood of Cali
Teach English in Colombia: Grappling with Grammar, Gold, Guns, and Guayaba
Unusual Places and Things to Eat in Mexico City

Article writing samples
Write an Article a Day: Use This Simple Outline Template for Writing Online Articles
Preparing a Writer Media Kit: An Outline for Professional Authors and Speakers

Public Speaking article sample
8 Tips for Giving Your First Presentation Before a Live Audience

Photography article
How To Take Fishing Photos You Can Publish Or Sell

Education articles
Grammar Teaching: Implicit or Explicit?
Can You Really Learn A Foreign Language While You Sleep?
9 Reasons Why You Should Use Songs to Teach English as a Foreign Language

Internet article sample
Learning a Language: 6 Effective Ways to Use the Internet

Current events / Culture article sample
Curious Sayings and Humorous English Expressions of the Pennsylvania Dutch

Family article sample
Fun but Simple Creative Toys You and Your Kids Can Make

Additional Written Article Samples Available Online at:

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Larry M. Lynch,
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