Developing Eco Friendly Energy for Your Home Needs

Eco Friendly Energy Sources

With pollution of the air, water and growing areas reaching alarming proportions, people world wide are becoming increasingly aware of the need for eco friendly energy sources. There are a multitude of advantages to adapting natural energy resources into our homes and daily lives. Such sources as solar power, wind-generated energy and water-generated power are quite often exceedingly cheap, even free much of the time, abundant in virtually all the world’s regions and readily available on a daily basis. None of these natural resources produces any pollution as a by-product, either.

Needs of the Home

In your home, natural eco friendly energy sources can be adapted to provide power, not only for your home needs, but even an excess can be sold to municipal or regional power companies to generate a small but steady income to private homeowners in some cases. Solar energy can be produced from sunlight even in largely overcast regions on cloudy days. Water can be heated using solar power for bathing and warming of rooms of the house. Where sufficient open area is available, wind power can generate more than enough eco friendly energy for all your homes needs. When more power is generated during windy periods of the day, it can easily be stored in batteries or capacitors for use during other periods of the day or at night in the case of solar power generation.

Income From Eco Friendly Energy Production

In you live in an open rural residential area, have open private acreage or live on a farm, adapting eco friendly energy for your needs need not be difficult nor especially costly. With focused energy production applications you can even generate income. Many municipalities or regional power companies are required by law in the USA, to buy back all the excess energy your home may produce. Hotels and resort areas could also profit from prudent eco friendly energy production. The same is true for commercial shopping centers, complexes of office buildings and residential apartments and town houses. These typically have very large, unused roof surface areas which could harbor banks of solar power-generating cells and extensive rain water collection systems.

Practical and Efficient Rain Water Use

Water for fountains, green areas sprinkler systems, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools could be collected and maintained from rain water alone with prudent planning and organization. The cost savings alone would over-ride building and construction costs. These systems frequently pay for themselves in a matter of months, then continue to generate capital for years, even decades afterwards. Practical and efficient rain water use would easily result from this eco friendly energy resource.

Lessons to Be Learned

Distressingly, communities world wide are starting to experience problems with having sufficient water for consumption by people and livestock. This condition has often existed for generations in local areas on islands without fresh water rivers or that are located in arid regions of the planet. We could well take some important lessons from these communiteis which, in order to survive, have learned to adapt natural water resources such as rain water or high humidity condensation techniques to supply essential water and eco friendly energy needs.