Is Living in an Eco Friendly House for You?

Is an eco friendly house for you?

An eco friendly house might contain any number of environmentally safe features. Some of these include garbage recycling and solar energy collection systems. Other features may consist of computer-controlled appliances and household elemnts or organic gardens and greenery. There might even be an eco friendly vehicle in the garage. Many elements go into the planning of such a house to ensure its viability and pollution free integration into the environment. Is living in an eco friendly house for you?

What is an Eco Friendly House?

Everyone lives somewhere. It might be a single family home, an apartment, a luxury condo or a town house. Most homes built more than twenty five to fifty years ago however, are not typically eco friendly houses. But when we refer to eco friendly, just what is implied? These are some examples of features that might usually be found in an eco friendly house.

1. A Solar Energy Generation Sysytem

An advanced model eco friendly house or other building might contain an IHT, which stands for Interseasonal Heat Transfer, takes heat from the sunshine that falls on blacktopped outdoor areas, then stores it and releases it in the winter to heat the house. The London-based company Icax (Interseasonal Collection and Exchange) invented and developed IHT. The way it works is that the blacktopped areas heat up when the sun shines on them, the heat in the water is pumped away and stored in computer-controlled thermal banks in the ground under the building. These banks are so well insulated that heat only moves through them very slowly. This stored heat is then released back into the building when it is needed, perhaps months later.

2. An Organic Garden, Lawn and Greenery

On the grounds of an eco friendly house you might find vegetables, fruits and greenery free from the potentially harmful effects of herbacides, preservatives and pesticides tend to promote better health in consumers and protect the environment. Avoidance of flurocarbon-based aerosols will reduce growing damage to the ozone layer and subsequent harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. A rainwater collection and storage system will likely prove to be valuable as well. Facilities for seperation and recycling of trash and garbage components will aid tremendously in maintaining a reduced pollution causing environment.

3. An Eco Friendly Vehicle in the Garage

Another find you’d expect in an eco friendly house is an eco friendly vehicle in the garage. This might be one of the production model EVs (Electric Vehicles) built by Nissan, Toyota, BMW or General Motors. Hydrogen-fueled vehicles are also available. These types of vehicles do not cause air pollution nor contribute to the creation of acid rain.

4. Organically Grown Foods in the Kitchen

Not only would you consume only organically grown foods, fruits and vegetables but you’d likely also have only fresh, filtered organically pure water as well. These are free of chemicals, additives and all manner of pesticides. This would include desalinated water or purely distilled water which has the dubious quality of leaching more and more calcium from your teeth and bones as time goes by. Pestacide-free fruits and vegetables which will keep pollution of the environment to an absolute minimum.

5. Computer-Controlled Appliances and Household Accessories Throughout

For maximum control of energy throughout an eco friendly house, efficient energy consumption could be controlled through the use of computer-integrated appliances and household systems. Lights, heating or cooling, refridgeration, air flow ventilation and water could all be managed more efficiently.

Many elements go into the planning of such a house to ensure its viability and pollution free integration into the environment. Is living in an eco friendly house for you?