How to Have an Eco Friendly Home

Eco Friendly Homes

Around the globe more and more people are working to have an eco friendly home. Natuaral resources are dwindling in an alarmingly large number of countries. Water supplies are drying up or becoming too polluted. Water sources are tainted with industrial waste making attention to our living conditions more important than ever. One of the best ways to protect and conserve our natural resources is by having an eco friendly home.

What You Can Do

Where ever you call home, there are a number of things you can do to make where you now live a more eco friendly home . Start with recycling of water used in your home. Some ideas include recycling water from showers and clothes washing to flush toilets and water lawns. Collect rain water as a source of water used in your home. Rainwater, when filtered and boiled, can be used for cooking and drinking in many areas which are not heavily polluted by industry. Other suggestions for a more eco friendly home are to recycle all waste or garbage that you produce. Seperate your trash into organic, glass, metal, paper and plastic. Then each type of trash can be disposed of in approppriate ways to minimize pollution.

Recycle Your Waste

In an eco friendly home after seperating your trash, it could be recycled or diposed of in a number of environmentally friendly ways. Organic waste could be recyled as compost for lawns and gardens. Lawn and garden waste like leaves, clippings and trimmings can be composted and used as fertilizer in most areas. Glass should be disposed of in a manner consistant with the laws and regulations of your city, state or region. There are a number of ways recycled glass can be safely reused in industry.

Paper is often the easiest form of waste to recycle in an eco friendly home as quite a number of municipalities and communities collect and dispose of papaer and paper products according to local regulations. Old or unwanted newspapers, magazines, wrappings and containers should be bundled together and disposed of properly. Metal is also easily recycled. In many cities and towns there may even be programs to collect and recycle metal discards which can actually provide a small income to recyclers. Metals can be re-smelted and integrated into new products by industry, easily and in a highly cost-effective manner.

Plastic is by far the difficult waste product item to properly dispose of. Since it often takes years, decades or even cenuries to decompose in landfills or in the environment, it can be a detrimintal source of pollution for many life times. Wildlife of many types are also endangered by plastics which are improperly disposed of. Proper disposal of plastic waste can go a long way in helping you to have a more eco friendly home.

Use of solar energy as a resource for a more eco friendly home is also becoming increasingly available. It is clean, efficient and freely available. Solar energy can be applied to heat our homes or to heat water for washing, bathing and showers. Many of the best ways to protect and conserve our natural resources depend on you to do your part. Having an eco friendly home is an excellent start.